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  2. Herbert Huncke: Final Reading/Memorial

  3. To be in Herbert Huncke's presence was to rekindle the lost art of conversation. Herbert may well have been a rogue and cagey street urchin, but his riveting writings attest to a profound insight into the human soul. Huncke was the authentic Professor of Hip, a street cat to the bone.

  4. To the street junkies, fags, hookers and observant fledgling writers, Huncke's Times Square was Grant's Palace with its nickel hamburgers, huge dime hot dogs and rows of prostitute hotels. Here then, is Huncke's final recital, The Dolls.

  5. Just one year later, a massive Memorial is held to properly eulogize Huncke, where close friends and devoted followers recite his work and recall his beguiling magic.

  6. 1996-1997, 110 min, Friends Seminary, Lit. executor Gerry Poynton

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